Digital Photography Treasure Hunt **UPDATED with Results**

We want to thank and congratulate all of the students at Running Springs who participated in the Digital Photography Treasure Hunt!

You all submitted fantastic photos showcasing your artistic skill and digital photography prowess!!

After thoughtful deliberation of our judges, here are the final results of the winners in each category:

Below you will find all of the excellent winning photos organized by category!

Best Americana Photos

Most creative photos

Wackiest and funniest photos

Most Artistic or Abstract

Most Vibrant Photos

Cutest Photos

Best Nature Photos

Best Nature-in-action photos

Most Clever photos

Awesome Selfies

Nuttiest Photos

Best Socially-Conscious Photos

Fashionista Photos

Best Sunrise/Sunset Photos

Table of Categories

Category Lower Grades[TK to 3rd Grade] Upper Grades[4th Grade to 6th Grade]
Overall 1st Place Ava Marentes[3rd Grade]Claire Greenlee [3rd Grade](tie) Brooke DeFrancesco [4th Grade]
Overall 2nd Place Shreeya Patel [2nd Grade]Emily Giordano [2nd Grade](tie) Clover Conover [4th Grade]
Overall 3rd Place Matthew Giordano [TK]Jackie Scholl [TK](tie) Om Patel [6th Grade]Blake Lau [6th Grade](tie)
Best “Americana” Photos Ava Marentes [3rd Grade]Jackie Scholl [TK]Matthew Giordano [TK]Claire Greenlee [3rd Grade] Brooke DeFrancesco [4th Grade]Blake Lau [6th Grade]Om Patel [6th Grade]Diya Baweja [4th Grade]
Most Creative Photos Abby Warren [3rd Grade]Zachary Douglas [3rd Grade] Blake Lau [6th Grade]Keeley Thurman  [4th Grade]
Wackiest & Funniest Photos Malakai Samadani [Kinder]Ava Marentes [3rd Grade]Jackie Scholl [TK]Claire Greenlee [3rd Grade]Emily Giordano [2nd Grade]Shreeya Patel [2nd Grade] Brooke DeFrancesco [4th Grade]Blake Lau [6th Grade]Om Patel [6th Grade]Noah Warren [6th Grade]Clover Conover [4th Grade]Claire Greenlee [3rd Grade]
Most “Artistic” or “Abstract” Photos Jackie Scholl [TK]Emily Giordano [2nd Grade]Shreeya Patel [2nd Grade]Claire Greenlee [3rd Grade] Om Patel [6th Grade]Brooke DeFrancesco [4th Grade]Diya Baweja [4th Grade]Keeley Thurman  [4th Grade]
Most Vibrant Photos Malakai Samadani [Kinder]Claire Greenlee [3rd Grade] Om Patel [6th Grade]Brooke DeFrancesco [4th Grade]Keeley Thurman  [4th Grade]Clover Conover [4th Grade]
“Cutest” Photos Malakai Samadani [Kinder]Ariyanna Baweja [TK] Adeline Casanova [4th Grade]Matthew Giordano [TK]Keeley Thurman  [4th Grade]
Best “Nature” Photos  Shreeya Patel [2nd Grade]Ava Marentes [3rd Grade]Abby Warren [3rd Grade]Zachary Douglas [3rd Grade] Noah Warren [6th Grade]Keeley Thurman  [4th Grade]Clover Conover [4th Grade]Diya Baweja [4th Grade]
Best “Nature in Action” (Wildlife) Photos Jackie Scholl [TK]Shreeya Patel [2nd Grade] Keeley Thurman  [4th Grade]Om Patel [6th Grade]Blake Lau [6th Grade]
Most Clever Photos Zachary Douglas [3rd Grade]Malakai Samadani [Kinder] Brooke DeFrancesco [4th Grade]
Most Awesome “Selfies” Abby Warren [3rd Grade]Ariyanna Baweja [TK] Brooke DeFrancesco [4th Grade]Noah Warren [6th Grade]
Clover Conover [4th Grade]
Nuttiest Photos Jackie Scholl [TK]Shreeya Patel [2nd Grade]Ariyanna Baweja [TK] Brooke DeFrancesco [4th Grade]
Best “Socially Conscious” Photos Malakai Samadani [Kinder]Ava Marentes [3rd Grade] Clover Conover [4th Grade]
“Fashionista” Award Jackie Scholl [TK]Claire Greenlee [3rd Grade] Blake Lau [6th Grade]
Best “Sunrise/Sunset” Photos Emily Giordano [2nd Grade]Ava Marentes [3rd Grade]Claire Greenlee [3rd Grade] Blake Lau [6th Grade]