Fundraising Rules

The following Rules and Guidelines apply to the Education Foundation of Anaheim Hill’s (EFAH) Technology Fundraiser 2021.
  1. Only the first two prize levels, for the Keychain and T-Shirt, may be earned through social media, that is, by adding followers to EFAH’s social media pages.
  1. In order to earn the first or second prize level through social media, you must submit valid and confirmed followers to EFAH’s Instagram, Twitter or Facebook Page, whom you have invited and have confirmed are now following EFAH on one of these social media platforms.  The same name cannot be used for different children. Duplicate names will not count.
  1. Individuals who are already following any of EFAH’s social media pages cannot be counted for prize-earning purposes. New followers must be added to qualify.
  1. Even if a student raises enough funds for the first two prize levels and adds enough social media followers for one of those levels, only one prize will be earned. In other words, raising funds and adding social media followers does not result in earning two prizes.
  1. Individuals may be added to multiple social media platforms. This means an individual added to Facebook and Instagram counts as 2 followers.
  1. Only students at Running Springs Elementary School are eligible to participate in this Technology Funraiser. Therefore, only current RSE students are eligible to earn prizes.
  1. Winning bids for the items in the silent auction and the money paid for those items by individuals or families will not count towards a student’s fundraising total to earn prizes.