Running Springs

Robot Dance Challenge 2021

Do the Robot & Raise Money for Your School

Students may also participate in this year’s Tech FUNraiser by doing the “Robot Dance Challenge 2021” on EFAH’s social media. Students create a video with their family which parents post on EFAH’s Facebook page and/or Instagram page.

For every video submission through social media, former EFAH Board Members will contribute between $20 to $30 to the Education Foundation on the student’s behalf (see below).

Have fun doing the Robot! Once in a while, it’s ok to be silly and goofy. Get your peeps involved. The more the better. Let’s do this!

Here are the rules to participate:

1. The video must be at least 10 seconds long but no more than 30 seconds long.

2. Please select one of the following songs to choose from:

• “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake
• The “Cantina Band Song” from Star Wars Episode IV: New Hope by John Williams
• “She Blinded Me With Science” by Thomas Dolby
• “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift
• “Weird Science” by Oingo Boingo
• “Mr. Roboto” by STYX
• “Break My Heart’ by Dua Lipa
• “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees
• “Bye Bye Bye” by NSync
• “Stupid Love” by Lady Gaga
• “Do the Funky Robot” by Robot Dance Kids Song

3. The video must include the student doing some form of the Robot Dance to one of the songs above (which all have clean lyrics).

4. Each submission with a STUDENT doing the Robot Dance will raise $20 for the Tech Fundraiser.

5. Each video submission with a student and at least one or more PARENTS doing the Robot Dance will raise $25 for the Tech Funraiser.

6. Each video submission with the student, parent(s), and GRANDPARENTS or other relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) doing the Robot Dance will raise $30 for the Tech Funraiser.

7. ONLY 1 video submission per RSE student.

8. Each student that participates in the video will earn the 1st prize level (keychain and Stellar Star recognition).

9. You must be a Running Springs Elementary Student in order to earn prizes from the Tech Funraiser, including from the Robot Challenge.

Instructions on Posting Your Video:

Please follow the below instructions to post your video to one of EFAH’s social media pages:

A. When you’re ready to post the video, copy and paste the following text in your Instagram Feed or Facebook post:

I hope you enjoy our Robot Dance Challenge video. We are helping to raise funds for our Education Foundation of Anaheim Hills for Technology in our classrooms. To see how you can get involved, visit @EdFundAH.

B. In your posting, make sure you state who is in the video so the student gets credit (student first name and last initial, grade level, parents, grandparents, etc.).

For example: “Please check out the Robot Dance Challenge video from Johnny S. (first grade) with his parents and grandparents”

Also, include the following: #RedhawkRobotDanceChallenge @edfundah

10. You should post your video to both EFAH’s Instagram and Facebook pages at the same time if you are on both social media platforms.

How to Post:

• Tap the + icon at the bottom of your screen
• Choose your video from your library — or shoot one in the app
• Add the text we provided above

Enhance Your Post:

• Use hashtags for post optimization
• “Tag” friends and family
• Add your location