Running Springs Robotics Club Logo

Welcome to the home page for the Robotics Club at Running Springs Elementary! This is where you can learn more about our program, parents can download forms, and families can keep up to date with upcoming events.

Here is a link to our 2019-2020 schedule

Here is a link to learn more about VEX IQ Challenge (with helpful videos and information). This is the program that RS Robotics Club is built around.

What does the Robotics Club do?

The Robotics Club basically involves 4 components:

  1. Students build Robots from build kits (School provided). These can be built from standard instructions and customized to add new functions/capabilities to the robot. The build kits include structural pieces as well as sensors and motors.
  2. Students learn the Vex IQ Squared Away game rules and strategize how to maximize points earned in 60 second matches, working as a team. They will also practice manually controlling the robots movements (with a controller) to be able to quickly and effectively execute game strategies to earn the most points.
  3. Students learn how to program the robot (computer programming, block coding) to execute game strategies autonomously (without the player using a controller). Students will learn basics of computer programming and get to see how their algorithms control robot actions.
  4. Students compete with other teams at Running Springs (scrimmages), and participate in OUSD district-wide scrimmages and competitions with other schools. Advanced teams may also get an opportunity to qualify to participate in national and international competitions. All students will be expected to participate in at least 3 qualifier events in Orange County (sponsored by OUSD) in Feb-Mar 2020 (dates not set yet, should be late February and early March).

More Coming soon…