7th Annual

STEAM Fundraiser


Presented by the Education Foundation of Anaheim Hills

March 18th to Friday, April 12th

Help us reach our goal of $15,000!

Raising Funds to Increase Technology & STEAM Programs

How to Participate:

There are two important ways you can participate in this year’s Fundraiser:

1. Help raise funds by requesting family and friends to support your school by contributing to your fundraising total.  Funds raised will support additional technology and tech-based programs for Running Springs students.

2. Recruit business sponsors to support the Fundraiser.  The Foundation will proudly recognize all business sponsors on its website and event flyers.  Business sponsors you recruit will count towards your fundraising total to earn prizes.  If you bring in a business sponsor, be sure to let us know the name of that business so you get credit.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Support Running Springs Elementary as one of our Community Partners. Become an event sponsor at a level that suits your business. We will proudly acknowledge your support. The Foundation is an IRS-approved non-profit organization, so your contribution may be tax deductible.  

How to Earn Prizes


  • Students who fundraise the amount for each prize level will earn all the prizes up to that dollar amount.
  • Families with multiple children at RSA can earn family level prizes, such as Lunch with the Principal, but individual prizes must be earned per student.
  • For example: If a family with 2 students fundraises $125 total, both earn a keychain, bracelet, button, sticker, and a t-shirt, but only 1 student earns admission to the “Space Foundation Discovery Center Virtual Field Trip” in the MPR. In order for both students to earn the field trip and t-shirt the family would need to raise a minimum of $250.

Prizes and Prize Levels:

Prizes may be earned by fundraising to the identified amount, or by adding followers to the Education Foundation’s Social Media pages where indicated for the first two prize levels.  For EFAH’s Facebook page, go to www.facebook.com/edfundah and for EFAH’s Instagram page, go to: @edfundah.


Please send funds to: admin@edfundah.org




751 S Weir Canyon Rd #157 – 727
Anaheim, CA 92808

Fundraise $25 / student

Bookmark, Gamer Keychain, Super Mario themed pencil topper.

Fundraise $55 / student

STEAM T-Shirt, Recognition on Digital Marquee (Plus Everything Above)

Fundraise $150 / FAMILY

Admission to the Alaska Zoo Virtual Field trip, and to the “Super Mario Bros.” movie screening in the MPR. (Plus Everything Above)

Fundraise $250 / family

Admission to The Big Game Truck event on campus (Plus Everything Above)

Fundraise $450 / family

Lunch with the Principal (Plus Everything Above)

Fundraise $1,000 / FAMILY

Your Student gets to be Principal for a Day. (Plus everything above)

Fundraise $2,500+ / FAMILY

Reserved Parking Space on Campus for one year, Plus everything above [awarded to top 3 fundraisers]

How to Fundraise and
How to Donate

HOW TO Fundraise

Students and families can help fundraise in the following ways:

  • Email – email friends and family about the fundraiser by using the e-mail template available by downloading the “Email Template” below.
  • Social Media – share and re-post our Facebook and Instagram fundraiser posts, which are available at the Education Foundation’s social media pages: 


Contributions may be made through the following payment methods:

  • Donate Electronically through Zelle, Venmo, and PayPal to admin@edfundah.org
  • Include your child’s name, teacher’s name, and your e-mail address
  • Checks may be written to “EFAH” in the envelope provided and mailed to the Foundation’s address, by April 11th

For Our Fundraising Email Template

STEAM Fundraiser Brochure

fundraising for Technology
and STEAM programs

We are fundraising to increase technology-based programs at Running Springs Elementary.  This could include programs such as Coding and other EdTech programs to further enhance the curriculum for Running Springs students.  We are also fundraising for tech-related initiatives.  Funds raised will support the following:

  • EdTech Programs
  • Teacher STEAM Tech Training and Development
  • Resources for the STEAM Labs
  • Teacher Grants

Business Sponsors

Education Foundation of Anaheim Hills

EFAH is an IRS-approved Sec. 501(c)(3) non-profit (Tax ID 81-1405729) . Your contribution may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor. Numerous companies also match donations, so check with your employer or on our website for a list of matching companies.