STEM Resources for Girls

STEM for girls

Below, we have compiled a list of STEM resources to encourage more girls to explore and learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  While there are other resources out there as well, here’s at least a list of some good resources that are designed to get girls excited about STEM careers and to learn more about these fields.  As we find other good resources, we’ll add to this list.

Engineer Girl!

Why should you become an engineer? Let this website for middle school girls explain. Along with interviews, quizzes, fun facts and profiles, it has links to scores of engineering contests, clubs, programs and scholarships.

Girl Scouts STEM

Push your limits as you make the world a better place. To support STEM experiences, the Girl Scouts have developed three leadership journeys and a number of STEM proficiency badges.

For Girls in Science

This site offers all kinds of STEM options, including a video blog, profiles of women in science, a list of summer camps and info about careers (site sponsored by L’Oréal).  

Inspired by “Women’s Adventures in Science” and developed by the National Academy of Sciences, this website invites you to investigate the careers of famous women scientists.


The Carnegie Science Center developed this site to help girls explore STEM careers. Take a challenge (such as creating your own urban garden), play games like “Click! Spy School” or learn more about real-life role models. There are areas for students, teachers, and parents.

PBS SciGirls 

SciGirls videos are great resources for the classroom. Each episode follows a different group of middle school girls who are designing and building STEM projects.

Society of Women Engineers (SWE) K-12 Outreach 

Aspire to be great. You’ll find a huge variety of engineering resources on this site, including links to activities, competitions, camps and scholarships.


  Meet the women you want to be. This NASA site includes video interviews and biographies of NASA employees, as well as info on careers, events and outreach programs.